Clearer vision & Better health

Your consultation will be adapted to what you need. It is not our way to simply run through a check-list to cover the minimum requirements.

Our appointments are longer than industry standards. An eye test can be done quicker, but it cannot be done as well. We do things properly, making use of technology, but not relying on it. Anyone can press a button, but not everyone can think. Client feedback tells us that what people value most from us is how we listen and explain.

Clinical audit

Clinical Audit

We monitor outcomes so we can identify areas for improvement, and can confidently say that many more of our patients are very satisfied with their eye examination than industry standards, and if they have a health problem they have a much lower chance of it being missed or mismanaged.


SPECTRALIS 4D Eye Health Check

In addition to our expertise, we use the latest diagnostic technology that is not usually available in high-street opticians. Our equipment includes the latest SPECTRALIS imaging platform, which produces detailed four-dimensional images of the retina and optic nerve – with the 4th dimension being time, owing to its ability to precisely compare images taken on different visits.

Opening hours

Monday - Wednesday 8:45 - 5:30
Thursday 8:45 - 7.00
Friday 8:45* - 5:30

Closed for lunch between  1:20 - 2:00

* Opening is at 11am on the 1st Friday of every month to allow for staff training.