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Affordable private eyecare

We offer complete transparency of costs. Professional fees are not bundled with spectacles. This allows us to maintain a no-pressure, relaxed environment where we can make recommendations without incentives to oversell.

Apples are not oranges. The emphasis of Johnson & Furze has shifted from the traditional role of an optician to medically trained healthcare professionals who offer unbiased advice on vision correction and manage eye disease with ophthalmologists. Our professional fees are not directly comparable with businesses that use less qualified professionals, shorter appointments, and have not invested in the latest technology. Cheap eye tests are a charade for pushy sales. Honest pricing lets us act honestly, and so is essential for the trust that our clients value.

Spectacle prices

The prices of our products are very competitive because we do not rely on them to subsidise our professional services. Our clients do best when dispensed high-quality lenses and frames, which are better than low-cost alternatives, but like-for-like we do not expect you to find a lower price at another high-street competitor, sold with the same service conditions. If following a private eye examination with one of our Principal Optometrists you do find a lower price, we’ll match it when you purchase or refund the difference for up to 28 days after you’ve bought from us.

NHS services

NHS Sight Tests are provided by most opticians. They are a basic check for glasses and aim to recognise advanced eye disease. Only some of the investigations recommended by the College of Optometrists for a comprehensive examination are included. It is a screening review by entry level optometrists that will miss some early problems.

Johnson & Furze is focused on providing the highest standards of care, and is not set-up for screening. However, we do contract an experienced, but non-specialist optometrist to run clinics dedicated to providing NHS Sight Tests and optical vouchers. We make it possible for NHS eligible adults to benefit from appointments with our Principal Optometrists through a charge based on the shortfall of the government contribution.

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